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What is Minus 20 Publications?

Our Philosophy

Minus 20 Publications is dedicated to spreading the message that an individual can improve their situation, no matter where they start out in life. If you are willing to do the work, master the game, build a network, and other key strategies, you will become successful. This "can do" spirit drives everything that Minus 20 Publications offers! From our writing workshops, personal development programs, to the books that we publish, all embrace our core philosophy. 


The name is a reference from Alisa Smedley’s book, Embracing Your Story. In the book she tells her audience that “on the number line of life, I was born at -20.”  Alisa literally had twenty barriers that she was born into! She managed to work hard and learned how to reach the positive side of the number line. Starting with so many disadvantages, Alisa was passionate about sharing her story with the world. The result is that she launched Minus 20 Publications. 

About Minus 20

 Thinking About Writing a Book? 

Minus 20 Publications can help you with the entire publishing process - from developing your book idea through final production. We specialize in helping emerging authors to stay focused and accomplish their goal. 

Comments from Emerging Writers 


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